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BLR/PDC Pressure Control

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◆This product is used as pressure difference control. When the system reaches the set value,the switch turns on/off the electricity automatically.
◆Pressure and pressure-difference adjusting with the graduate are furnished.
◆It adopts hoth types of the automatic reset and manual reset.
◆The time delay function is furnished,marking it become oil cut-off protection from compressors.
◆Suitable mediums are compressed air,Freon,water and oil,etc.
◆The connector adopts the standard flare type with M12*1.25thread.
◆Medium temperature:-20~+120℃;Environment temperature: -20~+70℃。


Electric rating:

Rated voltage(V)             /      Rated current(A) Power                           COSφ  125V                                          AC 250V              AC
Non-induction current 1 12 12
Induction current  Constant  0.75 12 12
Transient  0.75 72 72



Technical Data :

Model Pressure-diff. Setting range (Mpa) Action difference  (Mpa)  Time-delay (s)) Set value (Mpa)   Weight(kg)
BLR/PDC-105 0.05~0.35 0.05 None 0.1 1.5 0.43
BLR/PDC-105T 45、60、90、120
BLR/PDC-120 0.05~0.35 0.05 None 0.1 3
BLR/PDC-120T 45、60、90、120



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BLR/PDC Pressure Control

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