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BLR/PWV Pressure Controlled Water Valves

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General Description:

BLR/PWV series pressure controlled water valves are usually installed on the inlet of condenser, which can regulate the flow of cooling water according to the change of condensing pressure.
When condensing pressure of compressor rises, valve is turned up automatically, so more cooling water enters the condenser to accelerate the condensing of refrigerant.
Reversely, when condensing pressure of compressor drops, valve is turned down automatically, so cooling water reduces and the condensing pressure is kept within certain range.
The BLR/PWV condensing pressure regulating valve regulating method:
Rotatable adjustment 'adjustment screw' clockwise turn the valve off a small counter-clockwise rotation, the valve opening large.



Technical Data :


Type Model Condenser Side  Liquid Side  Pressure   (MPa) KvKv m3/h
Gas Range Max. Pressure Max test Medium Max Work Max. Temp.
(MPa) (MPa) (MPa) (MPa) (℃)
Low Pressure BLR/PWV-3/8 R134a,R22, R407C,R404a, R507 0.5-1.8 2 2.4 Water  1 60 0.75 0.8
BLR/PWV-1/2 0.7-2.3 2.6 3 2 2.5
BLR/PWV-3/4 3.2
RW-PWV-1 5
High Pressure BLR/PWV-3/8G R410a 1.5-2.9 3.8 4.5 2.6 0.8
BLR/PWV-1/2G 2.5
BLR/PWV-3/4G 3.2

KV Indicates the flow rate of the medium through the valve differential pressure equal to 1 bar,Unit m3/h,ρ=1000kg/m3



Connector Size :

Model Condenser side  Liquid Side   Size(mm)
(L) (H)
BLR/PWV-3/8 BLR/PWV-3/8G 6mm (1/4in.)ODS 3/8"ODS 100 170
BLR/PWV-1/2 BLR/PWV-1/2G G1/2 84 204
BLR/PWV-3/4 BLR/PWV-3/4G G3/4 84 204
BLR/PWV-1    BLR/PWV-1G G1 100 220





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BLR/PWV Pressure Controlled Water Valves

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