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Plate shell and tube condenser

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Product Description                                                                                                   

Raw materials:
1) condenser tube: volume welded steel tube ¢ 4.76 ~ ¢ 8 × 0.71
2) cooling wire: low carbon steel ¢ 1.2 ~ ¢ 1.6mm
3) Bracket: cold-rolled plate T = 0.6 ~ 2.0mm
4) cooling plate: cold-rolled plate T = 0.6 ~ 0.8mm   

Main process:
Elbow, Wire Welding, Mounting Bracket, In-out Tube Welding, (Folding or Bending Forming), Leak Detection, Cleaning, Surface Coating, Inspection, Packaging

Technical skills:
Steel wire spacing ≥ 5mm, according to customer's drawings, sample requirements, and can assist customers in product design, manufacture various models of specifications refrigerators, freezers with condenser

Product performance:
1) The product adopts electrophoretic paint to meet the anti-corrosion requirements of the product
2) Internal cleanliness meets R134a or CFC refrigeration system requirements
3) to meet the design requirements of the refrigerator, freezer thermal performance

Technical Parameters:
R134a refrigeration system standard quality and performance standards for pipe coating
Residual moisture ≤ 5 ㎎ / 100cm ³
Residual impurities ≤ 10㎎ / 100cm³
Residual mineral oil ≤ 100mg / 100cm³
Residual chloride ≤ 5vloppm
Residual paraffin ≤ 3mg / ㎡
The largest single impurity ≤ 0.5mm
Coating thickness:
Cathodic electrophoresis paint film thickness 15 ~ 20μm
Coating hardness: ≥ 2H
Coating impact resistance: impact no cracking
Coating adhesion: ≥ 2 levels
Coating flexibility: bending R = 3D, bending angle of 180, the coating no cracking, falling off
Coating corrosion (salt spray test GB2423):
Cathode electrophoresis ≥72h

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Plate shell and tube condenser

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