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A-225B-QS Double Inlet Centrifugal Blowers And Fans with Motor

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Products Description:


A series centrifugal fans that we research and develop absorbed advanced technology from home and

abroad. All the components of this series fans are all mold-produced, so the fans are compact structure .

reliable operation. large air volume and quiet, also with high efficiency and low-noise, while still easy to

install and debug. SJX series cabinet air-conditioning blower research and develop is based on our historical

forward curved multi-blades centrifugal fans. This kind of blowers fully conforms to A series on

performance. Its structure was patented, which makes the surface smooth and artistic, and satisfies

customers' visual aesthetic better.


The fans are widely used for air conditioning. purification. telecom. ventilation and other areas.


(1)The parameters listed in this catalogue were tested under standard condition.(Gas density is 1.2kg/m

temperature is 20°C)

(2)The gas transported by the fans should be non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-explosive and non- sticky.

(3) Operating conditions: the ambient temperature range should be: 40°C --- +60°C ,the relative humidity

should be less than 90%, the altitude should be less than 1000 meters .

(4)The centrifugal fans are divided into levorotation and dextrorotation. For single inlet centrifugal fan, face

the air inlet side. For double inlet centrifugal fan, face the wire outlet side, if the impeller rotates clockwise,

we call it dextrorotaion. Otherwise, it's levortation. If the fan is equipped with support, then there are three

kinds of air direction: 0, 90,180

(5)You can select the A series centrifugal fan model according to the catalogue so that we can customize

the corresponding cabinet air-conditioning blower per your needs.

(6)There is no support for forward curved multi-blades centrifugal fan from 133mm-250mm. Other models

have the support. And there is no current collector for backward curved impeller centrifugal fan. You need

note if you want the support or current collector for fan model, clarify the fan model. specification、 air

volume and static pressure before placing an order. For forward curved multi-blades centrifugal fan and

backward curved impeller centrifugal fan, you need to note the air direction. (See blow)




Technical Data :

Model voltage
Current draw
Power Input
Air flow
Static Pressure
Noise level
μ F
A B C N n
A4D-225B-QS1a 380/220 50 1.3 720 1150 4350 0 78 - 16 250 300 70 4 16
A4D-225B-QS1b 400/230 60 2 950 1200 4000 150 75 -
A4E-225B-QS2a 220 50 5 1000 1300 3700 0 75 12 17 150 200 90 2 12
A4E-225B-QS2b 230 60 7 1200 1400 3200 200 72 12
A6E-225B-QS3a 220 50 2 450 850 2700 20 61 12 12 250 300 70 4 16
A6E-225B-QS3a 230 60 1.6 380 1000 2500 80 61 8


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A-225B-QS Double Inlet Centrifugal Blowers And Fans with Motor

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