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BLR/DCL- 4105/2 Soild Core Filter Drier With Sight Glass

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General Description:

Filters and liquid/humidity indicators are designed for installation on commercial refrigeration systems and civil and industrial air conditioning systems employing Group II refrigerants.

Filter driers are available in a hermetically sealed version or with a solid exchangeable cartridge.

Hermetically sealed filters are supplied in the standard drier version, series 43, anti-acid series 42, bi-directional flow series 46, with indicator series 41 and mechanical series 45.

Filters with a solid exchangeable cartridge are available in packages of 1 to 4 standard drier, anti-acid or mechanical cartridges.

Liquid/humidity indicators are available with welded or flare connections in a monitoring only version, series 38, or monitoring + humidity detection, series 37 and 39.

Technical Data:

Model Cross Reference Connection  Nominal volume PS [bar] TS[°C] Package pcs
min Max
BLR/DCL-4105/2 052 1/4"SAE 80 45 -40 80 24
BLR/DCL-4105/3 053 3/8"SAE 24
BLR/DCL-4108/2 082 1/4"SAE 130 24
BLR/DCL-4108/3 083 3/8"SAE 24
BLR/DCL-4108/4 084 1/2"SAE 24
BLR/DCL-4116/3 163 3/8"SAE 250 14
BLR/DCL-4116/4 164 1/2"SAE 14
BLR/DCL-4116/5 165 5/8"SAE 14
BLR/DCL-4132/6 306 3/4"SAE 500 14


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BLR/DCL- 4105/2 Soild Core Filter Drier With Sight Glass

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