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Air-Conditioning Tape

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Products Description:

Mainly for pipe protection

light and heavy packaging ,carpet fixing

construction applications

good choice for bunding

good choice for general maintenance

good choice for pipe wrapping

good choice for air conditioning ducts

Technical Data :

Pattern Model Color Dimension (L*W*T) Rank Inside circle
Smooth AT-10*45*0.1W White 10m*45mm*0.1mm A F38
Smooth AT-10*48*0.1W White 10m*48mm*0.1mm A F38
Smooth AT-10*50*0.1W White 10m*50mm*0.1mm A F38
Smooth AT-15*45*0.1W White 15m*45mm*0.1mm A F38
Smooth AT-15*48*0.1W White 15m*48mm*0.1mm A F38
Smooth AT-15*50*0.1W White 15m*50mm*0.1mm A F38


Pattern Model Color Dimension (L*W*T) Rank Inside circle
Embossed AT-10*45*0.15EY Yellow 10m*45mm*0.15mm A F38
Embossed AT-10*48*0.15EY Yellow 10m*48mm*0.15mm A F38
Embossed AT-10*50*0.15EY Yellow 10m*50mm*0.15mm A F38
Embossed AT-15*45*0.15EY Yellow 15m*45mm*0.15mm A F38
Embossed AT-15*48*0.15EY Yellow 15m*48mm*0.15mm A F38
Embossed AT-15*50*0.15EY Yellow 15m*50mm*0.15mm A F38
Embossed AT-10*45*0.18EG Grey 10m*45mm*0.18mm A F38
Embossed AT-10*48*0.18EG Grey 10m*48mm*0.18mm A F38
Embossed AT-10*50*0.18EG Grey 10m*50mm*0.18mm A F38
Embossed AT-15*45*0.18EG Grey 15m*45mm*0.18mm A F38
Embossed AT-15*48*0.18EG Grey 15m*48mm*0.18mm A F38
Embossed AT-15*50*0.18EG Grey 15m*50mm*0.18mm A F38
Embossed AT-10*45*0.18EW White 10m*45mm*0.18mm A F38
Embossed AT-10*48*0.18EW White 10m*48mm*0.18mm A F38
Embossed AT-10*50*0.18EW White 10m*50mm*0.18mm A F38
Embossed AT-15*45*0.18EW White 15m*45mm*0.18mm A F38
Embossed AT-15*48*0.18EW White 15m*48mm*0.18mm A F38
Embossed AT-15*50*0.18EW White 15m*50mm*0.18mm A F38


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Air-Conditioning Tape

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